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Growth through responsible and sustainability development

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Company: Choice Chemicals Ltd.

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The world’s most valuable commodity ... safety
We are totally committed to improving the safety and wellbeing of all people who work with us, or come into contact with our operations and products.
We believe that it is possible to supply the chemicals the world needs while also protecting people and the environment.Nothing is more important than protecting ourselves and one another from harm. That means safety is never compromised — for any reason. If we can’t do it safely, we don’t do it.

Employee and Contractor Safety

Many of our operations involve physical activity and production line, putting employees in situations with the potential for injury. In a dynamic, fast-paced work environment, it is important to pay close attention to safety at all times.ChoiceChem is committed to the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and neighbors, and the security of our employees, products and facilities. We promote business practices that respect the value of human life. Keeping our employees safe, healthy and secure is our highest priority. We believe our safety culture starts with organizational leaders and extends to all who work for ChoiceChem.

Product Safety

We realize that our products and services can impact customers and society during many stages of their life cycles. Now, we are working to ensure product safety and environmental stewardship in a strategic fashion. We :

  • Providing Information about Products
  • Ensuring Product Quality and Responsibility
  • Conducting specialized emergency response training