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Company: Choice Chemicals Ltd.

Address: You'a Headquarters Office Building,Chaoyang Front Street, Furong District, Changsha,Hunan Province 410000,China

Tel: +86 731 89856736/92/93

Fax: 0086 731 89878447

E-mail: info@choice-chem.com

Who we are...

ChoiceChem is a specialty chemicals company in the business of producing and marketing sulfates, nitrates, additives and pesticide with 20 year OEM production experience in China. We help improve quality of life for the world’s population by supplying superior quality & environment friendly chemicals to satisfy the global demand for agriculture and industry.

We operate a worldwide business and we have office in Australia and United Kingdom for complete service and logistics. However, the area of our offices and the range of products are always developing according to our customers’ needs.

Our mission is to be the supplier of choice to its customers, to produce meaningful benefits for consumers, our market partners, our employees and the world around us sustainability, and create brighter lives for people today and generations to come.