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Growth through responsible and sustainability development

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Company: Choice Chemicals Ltd.

Address: Centre of City, No.235 Wuyi Road, Furong District, Changsha, Hunan Province 410011, P.R.China

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In addition to providing a healthy workplace, we aim to promote overall employee health.
We recognize the challenge of balancing professional achievement and personal well-being. And we understand that the more that's asked of us as a business, the more we rely on our employees to advance our vision. We work hard every day to help employees succeed, by providing resources to improve their health and that of their families, and by providing more opportunities to get involved in the communities where they live.

Whether through a culture that values inclusion and encourages engagement, or through new programs and tools that advance our physical and emotional well-being, we are always working to make ChoiceChem an attractive place that the world's best people are proud to be a part.